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The web-pages for the school have moved and can now be found at . Full details and the ability to register will be on the new pages. The information below is a summary of what the focus of the school is.

The BCA/CCG (Chemical Crystallography Group of the British Crystallographic Association) will be holding the 19th Intensive Teaching School in X-Ray Structure Analysis . The school is intended primarily for younger scientists with some experience of structure analysis who wish to improve their understanding of the underlying principles and practice. The work schedule is intensive, with lectures starting at 17:30 on Saturday 25th March 2023 and the last lecture scheduled to finish on Saturday 1st April 2023. An optional Olex2 workshop will be running on Sunday the 2nd April 2023. The school provides a good mixture of lectures and tutorials sessions with a friendly atmosphere. Participants must have a very good understanding of spoken English since there is a lot of material to be covered in rather a short time.

The main focus of the school is on chemical and materials science. Topics to be covered will include:

  • Growth and evaluation of non-macromolecular crystals
  • Space group determination
  • Background theory to data acquisition for small molecules and inorganics
  • Practical aspects of data collection
  • Practical aspects of data processing
  • Fourier syntheses
  • Patterson syntheses and direct methods for crystal structure determination
  • Charge flipping
  • Refinement of inorganic, organic and metal-organic structures
  • Derivation of results
  • Random and systematic errors
  • Twinning
  • Validation of results
  • Crystallographic databases (CSD, ICSD, etc)

Following on from the school there will be an optional 1 day hands on Olex2 online workshop on Sunday the 2nd of April 2023 (10:00-16.00).

For more information please email [email protected].

Many thanks to our sponsors, without whom it would not be possible to hold the 17th school:
DIAMOND, CCG, IUCr, ECA, Oxford Cryosystems, Bruker, Rigaku-Oxford Diffraction, Cambrex, ICG, NCS.