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General Information

General Information

The 18th BCA/CCG Intensive Teaching School in X-Ray Structure Analysis will run from 09:00 on Monday April 12th until 17:00 on Saturday April 17th 2021, with students who are attending the optional Olex2 workshop also attending 10:00-16:00 on Sunday April 18th 2021. Morning and afternoon sessions, involving lectures and small-group (7-8 students + tutor) tutorial problems will be run online with regular breaks and chances to get to know your fellow participants.

A set of course notes and access to our online course material will be provided. However it would be useful if you could have a scientific calculator and a notebook/paper for taking notes.

We would advise you to review before the school, any undergraduate course you were taught on crystallography or any simple crystallography textbook. In addition, it would be very convenient for you to review simple mathematics topics, including vectors, trigonometry and matrix operations such as multiplication, transpose, inverse, determinant calculation, etc. Some video material on maths topics will be provided to assist you with this.

For more information please e-mail [email protected].

Many thanks to our sponsors, without whom it would not be possible to hold the 17th school:
DIAMOND, CCG, IUCr, ECA, Oxford Cryosystems, Bruker, Rigaku-Oxford Diffraction, Cambrex, ICG, NCS.